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Cosy Up Your Space With These 5 Home Decor Ideas

Maak Het Gezellig Met Deze 5 Ideeën Voor Huisdecoratie

Kenza Abounayme |

‘Eat a healthier diet!’ ‘Get more exercise!' If those classic resolutions are starting to feel like a cliché, we couldn’t agree more. Why not flip your good intentions for 2023 by aiming for less busyness and more cosiness? These five home decor ideas are a great step in the right direction.

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It’s easy to create a cosy atmosphere in your home with just a few simple tweaks. No need to panic or start busting out paint brushes and DIY equipment — a hint of creative spirit goes a long way. Mix and match our favourite decor tips to your heart’s content and embrace any tingles of inspiration to give these interior design tricks a personal twist. The most welcoming homes are the ones that feature a personal touch and unique character!

1. A warm welcome

First impressions are everything… and that rule is no different when it comes to your home. An attractive entryway never fails to create an instant sense of comfort. Dress the space with a stylish coat rack, a luscious houseplant or a cherished photograph displayed on the wall. 

Don’t forget about the floor! A cute indoor floor mat will instantly set the tone for your space, while keeping grime and moisture far from your living area. Did you know Mótif mats are machine-washable and always keep their stylish look? So much more than just a cute doormat.

2. Colours and scents make sense

Whether it’s freshly baked cookies or a fragrant room spray, a lovely scent has the power to make a welcoming impression. Colour is a wonderful way to make your home feel extra cosy. Opt for throw pillows in earthy hues or create a theme throughout multiple rooms with a specific pop of colour. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a piece of furniture in a bold colour as an absolute eye-catcher. Cosying up on a bright orange sofa after work creates an ideal moment to share all the colourful details of your day!

3. Feel free to show off

Books, travel souvenirs, children’s artwork or a decorative bowl you’re fond of — it’s such a shame to tuck those precious pieces away behind cupboard doors. Showcase your favourite items as true works of art to inject your home with personal flair.

Group a few objects together on a cabinet or highlight your trinkets and treasures in a display cabinet. However, ‘less is more’ is the ultimate decor rule of thumb here! Be careful of overcrowding and cluttering up the space. Instead, rotate a few beloved items over time and give each piece its moment to shine.

4. Not your average desk

If you often work from home or have children to motivate while they study, a lovely workspace is a must. Whether it’s a full office space or simply a dedicated corner in your living room, a stylish desk area is a sure-fire way to boost your concentration!

A Mótif floor protector is one very practical way to set the mood. There are a variety of designs to brighten the space and simultaneously protect your floors from scratches and scuffs. Bonus points for the soundproofing and non-slip properties of a chair mat! Anyone who loves a matching theme, will also appreciate the high-quality desk pads in corresponding designs.

5. Go full circle

Angular furniture is often the standard, but those pieces don’t exactly tend to exude cosiness. A square table is likely to feel a bit cooler and more clinical than a rectangular table. Try introducing round shapes into your decor to convey a sense of comfort and ease. Think globe-shaped lamps, chairs with curved edges or an oval side table. And because you’re rejecting clichéd resolutions this year: a side table happens to be the perfect place to place your aperitif and finger food bites!

Ready to try out these five home decor ideas in your home? You do you! Have fun and let us know how your creative approach pans out.

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